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Tried for an open and soft design on this one. You can see the similarities in this design proposal I did last month.



2005.08.28 Template finished. Two versions available, each one weighing in at a modest 15kb in size ... more

2005.08.20 Played in the Tree-oh discgolf tournament. Went pretty well, but the body is not happy about the 8 hours of play ... more

2005.08.16 Tires suck. Went to get my bike out of my friends garage - flat tire. Next day, the car decides to do the same ... more



A hnakra or giant reptile can make a fine pet for young and old alike. With proper care, your hnakra or giant reptile will seldom cause trouble, beyond occasionally devouring one of your limbs, siblings, or perhaps your neighborhood.

Your Giant Reptile

Your giant Reptile ordering form features many models of reptile including 85 differend species of dinosaur and many Godzilla monsters.Your starter kit should include a cupon for free construction on a 3 square miles of man-made ,but real, jungle enclosed in a 30,000 foot chain link, radioactive fire-proof, fence and 16,000,000 tons of lizard feed or if you order a Godzilla movie monster you get 18,000 tons of chopped wallaby,10,000 tons of crushed building, to chew on, and 10,000,000 pounds of dry food.

Your Hnakra

Your Hnakra starter kit comes with 18,000 tones of chopped Malacandran fish, a 2,000 gallon tank and 3 Hrossa punching bags.

Hnakras come in 6 different colors!  

Semantically Coded

This template is coded using the markup as it was intended. The result is code that is simple to understand and widely supported in different browsers. Another benefit is that user agents that don't support CSS will still display the site's content coherently. You can test it yourself by disabling CSS in your browser.


firefox Softened Cells is a fixed width template that will work out of the box at 640x480 and above. You can change this if you want by altering the width definitions of the #siteBox, #news and #text CSS classes.

Browser support for the template is very good because of the simple markup structure. It renders consitently in the following:

  • Firefox
  • Netscape
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • IE (Windows/Mac)


Images are fully supported using the two custom CSS classes .right and .left. Simply place an image in the paragraph you'd like, apply the class and you're done. Headings <h1> and sub headings <h2> act as boundaries, so you're images will always remain in context.

Big Links

One last thing for you to play with is the .links CSS class. It lets you create large link blocks in your content for whatever you want to emphasis. I used them on my site for the portfolio and links sections.

Terms of Use

The template is released for free, but I would appreciate it you gave me, FullAhead, credit. If you keep either of the header images that come with the template, you should also leave a link to ThreeTree, since he took them.

If you end up using this template, send me an message. It's always interesting to see how people modify my work. I enjoyed making it, so I hope you enjoy using it.